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Volex is a private company and a leader in the production and sales of duck products. Culinary supreme class specialties, made under our brand, can be found on the markets of France, Belgium, Rumania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Vietnam, Austria, Dubai and lately – on the Bulgarian market too.

The foundation of the company brings us back to 1989. Since the groundbreaking moment, in the course of the next thirty years, we can be proud of an uninterrupted technological improvement, as well as the establishment of partnerships with a huge number of reliable companies in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Asia, the Caribbean islands and many other countries in the world.

Volex's surprises include delicacies of fattened duck liver. Each of these products will lead you through an unforgettable experience and will leave you with a sense of supreme culinary delight within the realm of tasty masterpieces."

Volex's activities have always been targeted at generating supreme class products, without any compromise on taste, quality and style."

The company has always strived to invest in the construction of new product-certified facilities, the professional development of its staff, as well as the establishment and maintenance of lasting commercial relations with its partners. On an ongoing basis, Volex also works to achieve faster sales and distribution process, satisfying each of our customer's needs by imprinting a personal trace and a sense of a Luxurious living style!"


Volex s production cycle is "closed" (from the egg to the end-product), and it starts with the hatching of the young chicks in the company's own French-made incubator and cabinets. The breeding and fattening is done in the company's own production facility which boasts modern equipment halls for automatic feeding, watering, temperature regulation, ventilation, air-conditioning and video control built on an area of more than 60 000 square meters. The annual closed-cycle production output amounts to 800 000 to 1 000 000 fattened ducks.

The hatching, breeding and fattening process is realized in the city of Haskovo. Throughout the technological process, the company strictly applies all of the accepted European requirements for the treatment of the birds. After fattening the ducks are being transported on special animal trucks to our own facility for slaughtering, butchering and thermal processing, which is located 50 kilometers away in the village of Milevo, district of Plovdiv. Labeling is also being done at the slaughterhouse so that the process is complete.

The control over the activities is performed by acknowledged specialists who have graduated the most highly esteemed educational institutions in Bulgaria and in Europe, and who base their accomplishments on the most up-to-date scientific achievements. The company has a personnel of 360 who currently work for the high-quality realization of these activities.

Our company has adopted good production practices, HACCP systems and is the only IFS certified company in the duck processing business on the Bulgarian market. We have a license for exporting products to the European Union and, as of 2009, to Russia. Also, we have an adopted practice for halal products, which expands the quantities of markets we are able to reach out to.


Duck liver jelly with mango and fresh vegetables
Duck magret on mashed potatoes with truffles and cherry tomatoes
Duck magret with figs
Duck magret with a parmesan crust


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